Patrick D. Canada

It was a nice beach with plenty of things to do.We went on a few day trips and enjoyed them. One of the trips was to the sea caves, you go in ..

Lorraine M. Australia

A clean beach with relatively unpoluted water compared to a lot of other asian beaches. Busy with well organised concessions running sun ..

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El Nido Marine Reserve Park

El Nido Marine Reserve Park
When visiting Palawan, there’s a place that almost always comes to one’s mind: the enchanting El Nido. Situated at the northernmost tip of Palawan mainland, the municipality of El Nido showcases the Philippines’ geological and biological richness.

The abundant flora and fauna at El Nido Marine Reserve Park are what drives tourists to go visit. Aside from limestone cliffs and white sand beaches, the marine park is home to lush forests, 16 endemic and 10 endangered species of birds such as the Palawan Peacock Pheasant and Palawan Hornbill, terrestrial creatures including the Palawan Tree Shrew and Palawan Stink Badger, and several endangered marine turtles. Once in a while, the native dugong or sea cow shows itself to lucky guests. The waters are teeming with more than 800 species of fish and a hundred species of corals.

In Bacuit Bay, there are around 30 dive sites that underwater enthusiasts can choose from. Sabang Beach, one of the settings for Expedition Robinson, the Swedish version of the reality television show Survivor, is located in Cadlao Island. Matinloc Island is visited for its secret beach, a small strip of white sand beach hidden in the middle of limestone rocks. If you want to be in on the secret, you have to swim through an opening in the limestone wall but during high tide, you have to go underwater to pass through.

The high-end, internationally-acclaimed El Nido Resorts can be found in the islands of Miniloc and Lagen. It has a variety of accommodation types, including cottages standing above water on stilts. It offers guests a wide range of activities including snorkeling, kayaking, diving, hiking and spa treatments.