Patrick D. Canada

It was a nice beach with plenty of things to do.We went on a few day trips and enjoyed them. One of the trips was to the sea caves, you go in ..

Lorraine M. Australia

A clean beach with relatively unpoluted water compared to a lot of other asian beaches. Busy with well organised concessions running sun ..

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Palawan Butterfly Garden

Palawan Butterfly Garden
The Palawan Butterfly Garden is one of the many tourist attractions in Palawan, specifically located in Santa Monica, Puerto Princesa. One tourists are there in Puerto Princesa, they may hire a multicab and ask the driver to take them to several tourist hotspots in Palawan.
The cost of hiring a multicab with driver varies but in most cases, tourists are asked to pay Php100 each. To some, it may be expensive but it is actually worthwhile as tourists will be driven to several places that can only be seen in Palawan.

Once inside the Palawan Butterfly Garden, tourists will be in awe to experience a feeling as if they are part of the cast of a fairy tale story. Butterflies featured in this garden are of various colors and sizes. As a matter of fact, some of these butterflies resemble those that are present in Malaysia. Most of the butterflies featured here may actually be seen in the different countries of Southeast Asia.

The person responsible for establishing the Palawan Butterfly Garden is Roy Rodriguez. Roy Rodriguez used to be a Palawan tour guide and during his stint as such, most of the tourists he entertained were Japanese who always wanted to see various kinds of butterflies. Since there was no butterfly garden during those times, Roy Rodriguez always had a hard time bringing his guests to the mountains and wait for how many hours just to find a single butterfly or two. This was what prompted Roy Rodriguez to create the Palawan Butterfly Garden. With the establishment of the Palawan Butterfly Garden, tourists now do not have to have a hard time climbing the mountains just to see a butterfly. Now, they merely have to visit the butterfly garden and witness the beauty that butterflies have to offer.

Visiting the Palawan Butterfly Garden is very affordable. Not only international tourists can afford to visit this place but also local tourists. The entrance fee is only Php25, allowing even the students to afford going to this butterfly garden.

The place can be described as romantic, with such features s different kinds of flowers, a lovers bench, and a mini lagoon. Owner Roy Rodriguez also made sure that the Palawan Butterfly Garden resembles the natural habitat that we find in the mountains. This idea does not only benefit the productivity of the butterflies but it also allows the tourists to feel as if they are in the mountains, when in fact, they are just within the city.