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Health Care in Palawan

Health Care in Palawan
Various Palawan hospitals and health centers are there to care for you and give you your most needed medical attention. When you visit this province, you would see that there are really many to choose from. There are District Palawan hospitals, Medicare hospitals, Municipal Palawan hospitals, Rural Health Units with Lying-In Facilities, and Private Hospitals. To learn more about some of these hospitals, here are a few of these health institutions within Palawan
Aborlan Medicare Hospital

This is one of those District Palawan hospitals in the place. You can find this at Poblacion Street, in Aborlan Palawan. As stated in its name, this particular hospital gives services to those who are medicare holders or members so they could avail of a more inexpensive check-up. Its bed capacity is up to ten beds. Aborland is one of the accredited institutions that you can readily trust when your overall health is concerned.

Roxas Medicare Hospital

Another hospital that accepts Medicare cardholders is the Roxas Medicare Hospital. Just like Aborlan, this hospital serves its patients and gives certain payment adjustments as according to the Medicare standards. Its bed capacity is from fifteen (15) to twenty-five (25) for its many patients as approved by the local government.

Brookes Point District Hospital

At Brookes Point District Hospital, there are medical and dental clinics available for you. This particular hospital is located at south of mainland Palawan at the port of Brookes Point. Most of the patients are from the rural areas. And the expenses for check-ups are actually budget-friendly to most. It is considered to be a secondary hospital to the local folk, and has a twenty-five (25) bed capacity.

Narra Municipal Hospital

Another health facility in Palawan is the Narra Municipal Hospital which holds a capacity of around ten beds for its patients. Just like the other Palawan hospitals, this health center can be found within the municipality in the province of Palawan. Around a modest bedding capacity of ten (10) is granted to this hospital of Palawan to cater to those who would need to stay for further medical attention.

Rizal Rural Health Unit

Another of those trustworthy Palawan hospitals is the Rizal Rural Health Unit, which like the other rural health centers has lying-in facilities for the sick and those who need other forms of medical care. Patients are usually from the rural areas, and the staff is usually very accommodating to their patients.

Sacred Heart Hospital

This particular hospital is a private hospital in Narra. Typically, like most of the Private Palawan hospitals around, Sacred Heart Hospital has complete medical amenities to service the sick. More convenient rooms are there to choose from to help make those in need of further care to be comfortable.

Palawan Adventist Hospital

This particular hospital is located in Junction 2, San Pedro, Puerto Princesa. You can reach them at telephone numbers (048) 433-2156 or (048) 433-2558. Just like the others, this specializes in health and medical services with adequate facilities to make you at ease.

RTN Hospital

Another private health establishment is the RTN hospital. You can see this at Rio-Tuba, Bataraza. Doctors who are affiliated with this hospital are usually experts in their own professional medical departments. Since this is a private health firm, you can be rest assured that the service that you will get is conveniently appropriate with the fees that you will have to pay.

So if youre looking for cheap Palawan hospitals or those that will give you the best professional health care and attention for an appropriate amount, check out the different options you can get when you go to the province of Palawan. There are actually around twenty-five (25) of these hospitals and health centers around to give you the best of care that you are seeking for.

Palawan Baptist Hospital

There are many famous reputable hospitals in Palawan that one can go to in order to have one-on-one medical consultations and professional care and treatment. One of the Palawan hospitals in the province of Palawan that works hard at giving the best care to its patients is the Palawan Baptist Hospital which can be found in Roxas. To date, it has around a capacity of 12-beds for its patients. This health establishment is a known private hospital in the land, and practices general professional healthcare. It started its operations on the year 1977, and has been continuously serving patients up to now. Dr. Eduardo B. Salise is handling and overseeing its operations, and, together with reliable hospital staff, is also making sure that the healthcare services cater to the needs of the patients who enter its doors.

Alfonso Birthing Home

Located at Malvar Street in the largest city of Palawan known as Puerto Princesa, stands another of the popular Palawan private hospitals. This is known to many residents of the area as the Alfonso Birthing Home.

Leoncio General Hospital

The Leoncio General Hospital is located at Barangay Pangonilian in Brooke’s Point in Palawan. Its medical director is Dr. Narciso B. Leoncio. The administrator of the hospital is Dr. Dorothy Ruth G. Leoncio. Like a number of hospitals in Palawan, this hospital is also a private establishment. It provides primary care to its patients as well as secondary and tertiary care. Its authorized bedding capacity is around 17 beds.

Sagrado Hospital

The Sagrado Hospital is included in the popular Palawan hospitals that give much attention and medical care to its patients although this is one of the new establishments established in Palawan. Its actual name is the Sagrado Medical and Children’s Clinic. Dr. Raul Sagrado is the person overseeing all hospital activities. The authorized bedding capacity (or, ABC, in hospital terms) is around fifteen (15). This can be found at Moreno Subdivision at Brooke’s Point.

Cooperative Hospital / Medical Mission Group

Another of the well-known Palawan hospitals is the Cooperative Hospital or Medical Misssion Group (or MMG-PPC) which is under the management of Dr. Dan A. Bonbon. This is located at Puerto Princesa City. It has around twenty five (25) bedding capacity for those who needs close monitoring, further care, and medical treatment. It also offers general hospital service to those who come and seek for medical health care.

Manipol Hospital

At Brooke’s Point in Palawan, you will find the Manipol Hospital. Palawan actually has nine (9) private Palawan hospitals, and, like the Manipol Hospital, all these establishments provide complete health amenities to care for the sick.