Patrick D. Canada

It was a nice beach with plenty of things to do.We went on a few day trips and enjoyed them. One of the trips was to the sea caves, you go in ..

Lorraine M. Australia

A clean beach with relatively unpoluted water compared to a lot of other asian beaches. Busy with well organised concessions running sun ..

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Kinabuchs is a Palawan restaurant that offers interesting nightlife as much as it provides fascinating meals. It is a nice choice for chill out nights with friends. It is a good place to hang around with good conversations. Kinabuchs completes the relaxing theme that any vacation should be about. It is a favorite spot for night-outers and those who love an active nightlife.

If Kinabuchs is notable for a lot of things, on top of the list is the fact that it serves Tamilok. Tamilok is a local delicacy and it is not really for those who are weak at heart. You need to be both brave and adventurous to enjoy and appreciate eating it. Tamilok is a wood worm that is harvested in mangrove forests. Those who tasted it often link it with the taste of fresh oyster. The only difference is that Tamilok does not look as appetizing as oysters.

Aside from Tamilok, Kinabuchs offers other delectable meals that go well with alcoholic drinks like beer and cocktails. The spices and elaborate flavors used in cooking the dishes taste heavenly to people who appreciate real good food.

Diners find Kinabuchs as a nice place to pig out. The variety of dishes it offers from Crispy Pata to Sashimi to Bulalo to Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu to Sizzling Squeed to Pancit Canton makes no allowance for anything else than beer or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage and some rice. The reason Kinabuchs is good for night outs is because, you will love spending a long time lounging around in this place. The food, for one, cannot be drowned in one gulp. You need time to be able to chew every thing in.