Patrick D. Canada

It was a nice beach with plenty of things to do.We went on a few day trips and enjoyed them. One of the trips was to the sea caves, you go in ..

Lorraine M. Australia

A clean beach with relatively unpoluted water compared to a lot of other asian beaches. Busy with well organised concessions running sun ..

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Souvenir Shops

Souvenir Shops
If you are interested in bringing home some gifts or memorabilia the souvenir shops in Palawan gives you the opportunity to choose from many items available. As you go on a tour of the province, consider dropping by these stores to purchase some tokens.
One of the most popular stores in the province is the store at the Iwahig Penal Colony in Puerto Princesa, the proceeds of which go to the inmates family. There is also a store near the airport so when you arrive you can buy some items. If you want to purchase sweets, fruits and other delicacies there are the stalls in the public market in Puerto Princesa. There are also stores at the wharf at Sabang, as well as the wet market. Just tell the tricycle driver to take you to these places.

What You Can Buy

The souvenir shops in Palawan sell a variety of products. The Iwahig Penal Colony Shop for example sells key chains, T-shirts, pearls, and other accessories like necklaces and handicraft. There are also plenty of woodcrafts sold there. The stalls sell mostly freshwater pearls and they also sell paintings by local artists from the Kamarikutan Gallery; the stalls near the airport and the wharf peddle bags, dresses and various handicrafts.

If you love pastries and want to try the local treats, a majority of the stores sell cashew nuts, nougat, candies, polvoron and many more. The Kutitap Candies is another frequent destination for those who love sweets. For more pastries, you can ask the tricycle driver to take you to Bakers Hill, home of more sweet delicacies.

Some of the souvenir shops in Palawan are located near wet or public markets. Since you are there, you can also buy some fresh seafood.