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What to Buy in Palawan

What to Buy in Palawan
Palawan is not only the perfect vacation spot but also provides tourists with an opportunity to indulge in the islands shopping sites. As many as the tourist destinations in Palawan, there is also a wide range of shopping options.


Palawan boasts of numerous shopping stores, stalls, and arcades found in the heart of its resorts destinations. Among the most popular items being bought in the island are shellcrafts, fashion jewelries, fruits, woodcarvings and local handicrafts. The Iwahig Pearl Farm is home to hand-made items and woodcarvings manufactured by the prisoners.

The crafts, souvenir items, and other native products of the island are well renowned for their ingenuity and quality. Aside from that, there are other worthy alternatives like shells and woodcrafts, fruits, food delicacies, native jewelries, and other hand-made accessories.

Shops located at the various resorts are known for its abundance of shell crafts manufactured from lucid shell materials which are made into house or office decorations, like lamps, curtains, trays, among others. Conservation-oriented craft groups use discarded shells of edible shell foods.

In addition, there are shops that sells native weaved baskets made from different materials and designs. Ideal for gifts or decors, these products is an embodiment of the amazing craftsmanship and dexterity of the local craftsmen. Most of the items on display are made from rattan, wild vines, abaca, native wicker, firm roots and reeds, and even locally made paper.

Argao woven cloth is available in different native designs used for various purposes such as dish sheets, tablecloths, curtains, pillow covers, carpets, or wall hangs. Shopping in Palawan is usually graced by the abundance of jewelry boxes made from the islands native stones and corals.

Figures and crafts made of silver showing a reflection of Palawans noble art are likewise displayed in Palawan shopping areas as well as the delicious food delicacies such as the dried mango preserves, local biscuits such as otap and turones, the crunchy dangit, peanut and cashew brittles, and fish preserves. Likewise, there are tropical fruits that line-up in shopping resorts.

Iwahig Pearl Farm showcases the islands quality and durable handicraft open for shopping. Tourists can shop to their hearts delights as the shop offers delicately crafted pieces that showcase the ingenuity and creativity of prisoners. The products displayed in its shops offers a perfect souvenir as well as a means of helping the islands correctional facilities.

Handicrafts made from capiz shells are transformed into Tiffany lampshades, coasters, ashtrays, and other novelty products. However, selling these products abroad is usually frowned upon because of the exploitation of various reefs involved in making these items.

The woven cloth made from Argao is one of the most popular buys locally as well as internationally. Jewellery boxes and house decors made from corals and stones make an excellent gift for the loved-ones of the tourists.

The silver jewelleries and decors have been among the favorite because of its unique Filipino design. Finally, there are the antique religious relics and architectural details that go a long way back to two hundred years earlier as Palawan was among the first Spanish settlements.

It is therefore clear that there is more to Palawan that meets the eye. Aside from the scenic spots and exciting activities, shopping is another activity that can make a trip to Palawan truly memorable and exciting.

Souvenir Shops

Tourists in Palawan are encouraged to buy keepsakes at the souvenir shops in the province. One of the most interesting shopping centers that feature souvenir stores is the New City Commercial Center Mall in Puerto Princesa City. Travelers who are interested in buying memorabilia and hand-woven products can spend some time at the Crocodile Farm Souvenir Shop. Aside from these places, tourists can visit the Viet Ville Souvenir Shop if they want to buy Vietnamese crafts. The products offered at this souvenir shop include porcelain vases. When it comes to Philippine handicrafts, travelers can check out the items at Kamantian Handicraft.

Iwahig Penal Colony Souvenir Shop

One of the correctional facilities in Palawan, Iwahig Penal Colony is a place where prisoners are rehabilitated. Prisoners serving at this place are advised to make souvenir items like bags, key chains and wallets for tourists to make a living. All the items made by prisoners are offered at the Iwahig Penal Colony Souvenir Shop. The prices of keepsakes at the shop range from Php 30 to Php 500. The souvenir shop is located within Barangay Iwahig at Puerto Princesa.


Shopping in Palawan is definitely an enjoyable activity especially if you’re on the lookout for the famous kasoy delicacy. The best place to shop for this yummy treat is none other than Puerto Princesa city. Typically, you would get the ready-to-eat varieties that include the roasted kind or the fried kasoy that you would probably be happy to munch on. The prices for these are very cost-efficient. For the fried casoy, you would only be paying about twenty in Philippine Pesos (P20). For one fourth kilo of roasted casoy, the amount to bear in mind is around P70; a half kilo amounts to a hundred and forty Philippine Pesos (P140).

Wood Carvings

One of the best attractions of Palawan is its numerous display of wood carvings made mostly by the local folks who also sell them. You may shop for these intricate and exquisite carvings at the market located at the Banaue town. Aside from the interesting wood carvings that are displayed there, you may also feast your eyes on the various antiques, locally-made baskets, and other products that the people of Palawan are proud of. You may also go to Ihawig Penal Farm where you can get to see other wood carvings. The wood carvings and other handicrafts being sold are made with a labor of love by prisoners. You need not worry about the price you have to pay for since most of the wood carvings that you may take a fancy on would be worthy of your money.


Shopping in Palawan wouldn’t be done if you haven’t checked out the handicrafts sold here. There are a lot of souvenir shops that carry these items that you can use for your home’s adornments. Various types of handicrafts are offered. You would see exotic designs, wooden décor, accessories, and others. Some of the best buys include jewelry boxes or accessories created with corals or seashells. But the popular ones are those made from rattan. Most of these are locally made. To make your shopping in Palawan such a delight and not too heavy on the budget, you may want to try a couple of shops first and compare the prices before you purchase anything. If you already left Palawan and forgot to get a bagful of these items, you may still have a chance to do so at a particular shop located on Libis Road which sells these things. The shop is aptly called as Palawan Handicrafts.

Freshwater Pearls

One of the most popular products in Palawan is the freshwater pearl. Many entrepreneurs in the province make a living by culturing and selling freshwater pearls. Unlike the saltwater pearls, which are expensive, freshwater pearls are more affordable. These are used for making accessories like earrings and necklaces. The pearls are nurtured in pearl farms. At the farms, people can find single mussels and mollusks producing up to 50 pearls each at a time. One of the most popular jewelry store in the province that tourists can visit if they want to buy freshwater pearl jewelries is Jewelmer at Busuanga Island.

The Wet Market

Tourists who want to buy fresh seafood, meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables can visit the wet markets in the towns of Palawan. The products offered at these places are more affordable when compared to the products available at supermarkets. In addition to these, the markets feature small and simple souvenir stores that sell affordable keepsakes like souvenir shirts and keychains. Most of the markets at the province have dining areas where customers can eat freshly caught seafood dishes at affordable costs. To shop at these places, tourists are encouraged to allot Php 100 to Php 300 for their budget.

In order to truly enjoy Palawan shopping, it is best to stick to your budget and buy within your means. Always look around first and look for items that would save you money. Prior to shopping, it would be helpful to have a list of the people with whom you are planning to give a gift.